Please do not download large files during the tutorial or the WIFI network will overload. We will distribute the software and data you need via USB sticks.

Download the fermi-data.tar.gz tarball from here (TODO), then execute the following commands:

tar zxvf fermi-data.tar.gz
cd fermi-data
$ du -hs *
637M  excercises
554M  solutions
637M  spacecraft.fits

As you can see the fermi-hero folder contains a file spacecraft.fits as well as two folders excercises and solutions:

  • excercises contains the input data files you’ll need for the excercises. This is where you can run the analyses yourself by following the instructions given in the various tutorial sections.
  • solutions contains all files after you’ve run the commands. You can use it as a reference or to skip very time-consuming steps by just copying over the relevant file from solutions to excercises

TODO: give overview table of data sets used in this tutorial.

$ ls -1 exercises

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